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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Traditional Practices and Islam

Asalam O Alaikum everyone. I am back wiht one more issue in Islam that we face today and will try to shed some light on the issue at hand. Its not much of an issue in Islam but its some traditional practices that different countries have. I don't have a vast knowledge about every country but I will talk about Pakistan where I come from. It's really surprising to see the difference between two countries who follow the same religion in majority. I grew up in the Middle East and therefore, never praticed any traditional practices everyone of my friends and some relatives who lived in Pakistan did. Some practices don't make sense at all but are still followed and are implemented and they sometimes lead a person towards committing a sin but unfortunately, due to various reasons people fail to realize that only because they have been doing that all their life and it seems like the right thing for them to do.

Once again, there was a question put forward to the sholar Adil Salahi and he answered the question which makes sense. Without sayig anything further, read the answer to the question from Mr. Adil Salahi..

Q. Could you please explain whether the following tradition is legitimate from the Islamic point of view: Tying a black thread around the arm of a baby or a young child, and reading the Qur’anic verse known as Ayat Al-Kursi and the opening surah of the Qur’an, to protect the child from harm?

A. The first practice is similar to wearing a charm, talisman or amulet. All this is forbidden in Islam and ensures that the desired result is not achieved. The Prophet (peace be upon him) cursed people who wear such articles and prayed that God would not grant them their purpose. The same applies to what you describe. It is far better to read the surah and the verse to the child and pray to God to protect that child. This is the proper way. Wearing something and thinking that it would ensure protection or bring good luck is not the right way. It is false indeed.
Adil Salahi

It's a short explaination of the issue but speaks volume and if we think about it. We say Allah protects us all day long and we dont need to be scared of anything in life but HIM so why is it that we need protection of that sort in our lives. I have known people whi objected to this point of view of mine without ever giving me a valid reason but the only thing they said to me was "it makes them feel safe". I am sorry to say but this is not a very good reason to wear a black thread that contains a verse from the Qur'an as it will do you no good. Its Allah who will protect you but people fail to realize that. Also, I have noticed that by wearing such objects like a verse of the Qur'an around their necks often do things that are sinful. I have seen them wearing a taveez and swearing in public and that does not seem like disrespecting the sayings Allah to them but it still makes them feel safe. They wear that and go to the washroom and do all sort of impure things.
People need to learn the finer points in Islam as these things are borrowed from the other side of the border where hindu's have a raksha bandhan in their hands which if I am not mistaken, can be counted as the same thing as a taveez. The only difference is the verse of the Qur'an is in the taveez but then again how come only one verse tied in the blak thread protect you from evil. The Qur'an guides us to live our life the right way and these are practices that are neither in the Qur'an nor the Prophet (pbuh) ever followed.

Monday, December 19, 2005

Restricting a General Qur’anic Statement

I have been in Canada for a while now, and I have had discussions on this issue with several individuals here and in gatherings as well. The topic of declaring something Halal and Haram has always been a complicated for me since I arrived in Canada becuase where we come from, we only have Halal food there and one does not have to worry about it being haram or what not. However, I did some search and came up with this article from the scholar named Adil Salahi whose article I did post before as well.

Q. Here in the US where I live some people say that the permission stated in Verse 5 or Surah 5, allowing Muslims to eat meat slaughtered by Christians and Jews applied at the time of the revelation of the Qur’an when methods of slaughter were the same for all. Nowadays with new methods, the slaughter by Christians does not conform to the Islamic standard and therefore it is not allowed. Please comment.

A. If a Qur’anic statement is given in general terms, its application cannot be restricted unless there is clear indication to support such restriction. This could be a Hadith speaking specifically about the statement in question, or a clear indication in the Qur’an. The statement you refer to says: “The food of the people of earlier revelations (i.e. Christians and Jews) is permissible for you and your is permissible for them, as also the chaste women from among the believers and from among the people of earlier revelations.” There is no indication in the text relating this permission to the method of slaughter. Nor is there any Hadith explaining this verse in such a way as to call for investigating the method of slaughter. It is a concession God has been gracious to give us. We take it as it is. Imam Malik mentions that this concession makes lawful what they consider to be lawful in their religion, unless it is specifically forbidden for us, as in the case of pig meat. This means that the argument about the method of slaughter is incorrect in this case. Some people argue that Christians nowadays do not mention God’s name before their slaughter, and we are specifically forbidden to eat of any meat if God’s name is not invoked at the time of its slaughter. But this is again not a valid argument. The Prophet’s companions complained to him saying: “We receive meat and we do not know if God’s name has been invoked at the time of its slaughter.” The Prophet told them: “Then you mention God’s name and eat.” Unfortunately some Muslims take a very restrictive attitude in such matters. Islam is not about restrictions, but about discipline. God has granted certain concessions because He, in His infinite wisdom, knows that these will make matters much easier for Muslims. Therefore, we should take such concessions and act on them. By doing so, we earn reward from Him.
Adil Salahi

In the the above article, the Sura 5 is is Sura Maida and the verse 5 clearly states that “The food of the people of earlier revelations (i.e. Christians and Jews) is permissible for you and your is permissible for them, as also the chaste women from among the believers and from among the people of earlier revelations.”

We take Quran as our holy book and all Muslims should follow it since its a book of guidance but why is it that people declare things Haram that are clearly allowed in Islam. Do they have the right to do so..Is not Allah the only one to decide what is Haram and what is not. I do understand its a complicated issue and I do also agree that the Christians have changed their standards of slaughter but does that mean its automatically Haram?

The prophet (pbuh) said to his people to follow Quran as Allah will protect this book for eternity, then why do we make changes. I was in a gathering a while back, and we came to this issue and the transaltion of this very verse of Sura Maida was translated the same way but after the verse, it was added that, Make sure their slaughtering method meets the proper Islamic standards when the actual verse does not mention anything regarding that. I beg to ask the question that if they are not muslims (i.e, the chiristians and the jews), one should not expect them to meet the Islamic standards.

I totally agree with Mr. Adil Salahi that Islam is not about restrictions as most of these western countries portray it in the media and unfortunately that is how it is in my home country of Pakistan as well. We, in Pakistan have to many restrictions everywhere when it comes to religion. There are so many things that are being done there that are taken out of the context from the Quran without knowing the full idea behind that verse, without knowing what does that verse tells us. Due to lack of understanding of Arabic and lack of education, Islam seems a lot tougher to a young person and this may result in this youngster being discouraged and may not practise it like everyone should.

What we (all muslims) should do is, try to understand the Quran rather than just reciting it wihtout understanding a single word like so many others including myself. But if we realize the importance of what it teaches us and we understand what the Quran teaches us, we would be better off in the world and the world after.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Issues in Islam Part 1

I recently have been in discussions with different people on the issue of a woman being inferior to a man in our great religion of Islam. What constitutes that is still unknown to me. In some countries, women are not treated properly, or should I say they are treated like slaves in some countries. I am not going to name the country I am talking about but the world we live in today is not the same male dominated world. So it got me thinking on what does the Quran has to say about this issue and why is it that in some countries woman are treated the way they are treated. Is it because in those countries, they dont know what the religion teaches or is it simply because they are uneducated when it comes to religion and refuse to understand what the religion teaches?
I did some research and found an article in which a question was asked to a well known scholar named Adil Salahi and he shed some light on this issue and after reading his point of view, I was convinced to share it with you guys..Have a read..maybe it will enlighten you as well as much it has enlighten me.

Are women inferior?
Q. My friend suggests that women are inferior to men even in the hereafter. He says that in heaven they will not be on equal terms as they will not have male partners similar to the hoor mentioned in the Qur’an for men. Please comment.

A. What determines equality is the tasks assigned to men and women and the reward they are given for them, or the punishment they incur for failing to attend to them. When we read the Qur’an and the Hadith, we realize that men and women are assigned the same duties and given the same reward. All verses in the Qur’an that address "believers" are equally applicable to men and women. In fact, there are two types of address in the Qur’an: one to men and women equally and the other to women only. Thus, they are given a special status, not an inferior one.
The person who made the claim that women are inferior in heaven does not know what he/she is speaking about. How has this person come to the conclusion that the hoor in heaven are women companions given to men? For what purpose? The fact is that these hoor, normally translated as wide-eyed maidens, are placed in the service of the dwellers in heaven. There is no indication in the Qur’an that they are to be companions only for men. Moreover, the descriptions of heaven and hell in the Qur’an and Hadith are given in what is familiar to us so that we may understand them. But the real favors and blessings God provides for those whom He admits to heaven are far greater and richer than these descriptions.
The Prophet says about heaven: "It contains what no eye has ever seen, no ear has ever heard of and no mind has ever imagined." Furthermore, if the result of being admitted to heaven is perfect happiness, and if such perfection of happiness is attained by men and women in different ways, how does that signify superiority of one and inferiority of the other?
Adil Salahi

After reading this, I am sure a lot of people will still not agree since they are thick headed when it comes to these kind if issues since a lot of people have different opinions when it comes to religion. To some, woman are just to do the house work and raise the kids and be a slave in the house and have no say in the decision making of the house which is sad really but I urge all brothers so spread the word and try to make others realize what our religion teaches because this is something that has given the true religion a bad name.
P.S. I will be posting articles on different issues on a regular basis that deals with issues in Islam..

Friday, December 09, 2005

Why I ask Why??

just like a true Pakistani, I am late posting a topic on the blog..well I had to stay true to what I let me start off with this thought of mine..

Recently, a lot of things happened in life, some were good and some were not as good as some were. Confused yet..hope not..One thing I always think I am good at is when it comes to knowing others. I think I have a good sense of judgement when it comes to getting to know othere personally and I usually make the right calls BUT, since no one is perfect..I have made my bad calls here and there. Its not that it was my fault totally but its just that the people I got to know were nice, friendly, understanding, funny and all the other qualities one look in someone who they are friends with..but why is it that those some always turn out to be the people with double u know who I am talking about?..Yes I am talking about those who pretend to be something in front of you but actually are not what the seem to be to you...

This is something that has always bothered me..why are those people like who they it lack or originality..lack of confidence..lack of security..what is it that makes them like the way they are..why cant these people stay true to who they actually are? Are they scared that their trueself is not good enough? Or is it just a matter of impressing everyone..? How can these people look at themselves in the mirror..?

Whatever the reason is..I think those people dont care about anything but themselves and that is a shame because when they act the way they do, they end up hurting others who trusted them and thought of them in a good way..they may not do this on purpose or maybe they did but whatever the case maybe, they should really try to look at themselves in the mirror and become good human beings..stay original..because when your stay true to get the ultimate satisfaction and you will have the best company of friends who will be your friends for who you are not for who you are pretending to be.

Sunday, December 04, 2005


AOA and Hello All,

Welcome to my blog..Here I will be writing down my thoughts on a weekly basis if I can keep up with the schedule that I have..but I sure will try my best to keep writing about things that are going on in my life and my thoughts on issues that we all have to deal with in the society we live in today. I just have to write down the thoughts that are jammed in my head due the the winter season here in hang on for a couple of days and I shall be coming with a "BANG" in two days time..Fasten your are in for a ride of a lifetime.